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How the 99 Cent Store was created:

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The 99 cent store was a brilliant idea of one, David Gold who started a small wine store in 1960 where he made sure his products were 99 cents or less. This idea became quite popular and the business bloomed to great success with over 350 stores in the USA.

Currently, the store supplies a variety of products including television sets at only 99 cents. The nearby 99 cents only store built a big fan base and when it went public in 1996, it expanded to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

In 2012 during the celebration of its 30th anniversary, the 99 Cents store went private by partnering with Ares Management which made it possible for the store to expand within the region. To date, the 99 Cent Store in your area is one of the most popular retail stores for modern consumers in America.

Reasons for its success:

One may wonder what has led to its success over the years. One big reason for this is product variety and quality at an amazingly affordable retail price. The 99 Cent store has a policy of striving to maintain merchandise of high value and different variety so as to appeal to a greater demographically diverse client base.

The store has a unique sense of loyalty to its clients and one can feel the dream that David Gold had when he started the business. His desire to provide nearly any basic product to the community at a price that is within the reach of everyone.

Secondly, the closeby 99 cents only store near you makes shopping a thrilling experience since all stores are built to accommodate very many customers at once and allow clients to view a great variety of products.

It is quite sensible to protect the customer from the unnecessary commotion and try to fit them in a small space. The 99 Cent store wants each client to feel right at home as soon as they step into the store. This is why parents never have a problem taking their children with them to our stores.

The huge stores make shopping also rather exciting for the young ones who will probably never have a problem accompanying their parents to these stores. In any case, our stores have very affordable goods and thus we expect a lot of customer traffic.

In anticipation of this, the structure and design, as well as the product placement, is strategically done to avoid inconveniencing the customers.

Finally, we take great comfort in the endless training of our staff. Each staff member at the 99 Cent store has adopted the joint idea of consumer protection and customer care services. Stores are open at convenient hours and as we say, nine days a week.

Therefore, the store is available at any time 24/7. Every staff member is always ready to be of help to the customer without discrimination. We take personal pride in our customers and are always on call in case of anything.

In conclusion, the dream of David Gold was to protect the consumer from unfairly high prices and to provide a variety of basic commodities at only 99 Cents and below.

One key point to note was that he never compromised on product quality and neither, do we? The rights of modern day consumers are very important to every 99 Cent Store.